Below we share 15 tips from top interior design London companies on how you can earn more with interior design.
1 Use a self hosting blog such as This will allow you to place adverts and business banners on your site that will bring in extra money.2 Set up an online shop to bring in more revenue. This is a method used by many interior designers London based professionals.

3 You need to learn how to budget well. This will make your money go that much further.

4 Planning is one sure way to earn more during the year. Planning allows a job to be done more efficiently and to deadline – hence more work.

5 Get to know and negotiate with any suppliers that you use. Many will use mates rates.

6 Offer clients add on services such as a shopping or product selection service. This is a good way to bring in more money.

7 Make your own accessories. If you can make plant pot holders and decorative mirrors then do so.

8 If you own a small company, choose your employees with care. Bad employees will give you a bad name. This lack of interest means lack of profit.

9 Try out new innovative ideas. You need to be a little different in order to gain interest and customers.

10 Social media and especially Pinterest should be your best friends. This is the modern way to showcase your work.

11 Logo and branding is everything. So spend a little time on this, as you will reap the rewards financially.

12 Reclamation yards are fantastic for finding antique furniture at a much cheaper price.

13 If you work alone then do the painting and renovating yourself. This will save you money if you have the time to do so.

14 Become friends with other interior designers London based and elsewhere. Networking is key to finding out where jobs are needed.

15 Invest money to make money. If you work alone employ a secretarial assistant to help you. This will free up some of your time in which you can plan for other jobs.

Hopefully these 15 tips from interior design London professionals will help you to earn more with interior design.