There is nothing quite as refreshing as getting into a glass shower first thing in the morning. That is why a glass shower has become one of the must have items in the modern business persons’ home. The shower offers a quick solution to waking up and washing compared with running a bath. Shower users are normally more aware when there is a leak. 

En suite glass showers although popular, need really good drainage, a good source of water and water pressure and the shower environment needs to be sufficiently sealed to prevent unwanted leaks onto the tiles in the bathroom or the carpet. Shower tray leaks can be overcome with the help of good silicone sealants. However, people usually assume that when a puddle appears it is the shower enclosure which is leaking but this is not normally the case. Most shower leaks are in the shower enclosure, the tray where you stand or the walls. 

Finding the leak can be difficult as water travels along the easiest route so where the water appears and where the puddle is are normally two completely different places. Most of the time it is an issue with the silicone sealant; but it can be easily removed and fixed at a minimal cost. Cloudy glass build up sometimes appears if you neglect to clean so it is advisable to wipe the glass after every shower to prevent cloudy build up or you could use a special shower spray you can get at almost any supermarket to use on the glass after every shower. The spray solution is a lot quicker for those who are constantly on the move.

The secret to cleaning a glass shower is using microfibre cloths which remove the dreaded water spots and any soap build up from the glass.