Best practices for developing software in a software house Software development as changed a lot in the past few years. The gradual changes have led to the realization of good and bad software creation methods. Companies that create software and generally deal in that business are called software houses. Examples include software house Poland. This list includes the best software development methods in the twenty-first century.

1. Development process
The software development cycle is the process that software goes through from conception to deployment.the development process that gets chosen is more often much more important than the actual evolution of the software. The traditional development process includes the waterfall method, extreme programming, spiral method, etc.

2. Requirement gathering
Requirement gathering is a major part of the software development process whereby the coders necessarily know the needs of the customer and the need for the system. Improper knowledge of the requirements of the software leads to the failure of the whole development process. Software house Poland says that quality requirements are broken up into two major parts; functional and non-functional. They should be well researched to create the best software.

3. Use Component Based Architecture
Components used in the development allow for their reuse and thus make it easier for the development cycle to be short and well productive. The use of components also improves on the maintenance and extension of the life cycle of the software thus making sure that the investment vested on the project gets to bring returns to the customer.

4. Software should be developed iteratively.
Good software is a product of iterative design methods whereby the software is developed in a continuously repeated phase thus guaranteeing the product is well checked and formulated in the end house poland suggests that The iterative process also leads to the fulfillment of customer needs since the client also gets to be a part of the production phase.