Do you wonder why you struggle in the world of interior design? If so, then let the interior design London professionals help you to become more successful, with this top ten list of what not to do.

1 You have not mastered the art of scale. This is the area in which most novice interior designers fail. Take a tip from the most successful interior designers London professionals and learn about scale.

2 Lack of budget, is also a big stumbling point for many interior designers who are new to the industry. You really do need to plan and set a budget. This will stop you from those disastrous Impulsive buys

3 Not learning the rule about accessories. The rule that all interior designers London use, is that you need to group accessories together in order to make a statement.

4 Not asking for help when you need it, is also a major rookie move. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather seeking inspiration and ideas.

5 Wall art, you need to get it right. The way in which wall art is hung and positioned on the wall is everything. This can make the difference between a fantastic room, and a room that lacks style.

6 You paint before you buy. This is never a good move. Always choose your fabrics and furniture before you buy your paint. This will allow you to match the paint correctly.

7 The room lacks soul. This is usually because you have followed current trends but have not put your own mark on it. Have confidence with your ideas.

8 Your room lacks a focal point. Every room needs a focal point, so you need to remember this in the initial planning stage.

9 Holding onto sentimental things, even when you hate them, is never a good thing. Let the old go and bring in the new. It’s time for change.

10 Not trusting your gut. This is the most common mistake that most new interior designers make. Always go with your instincts, they are very rarely wrong.

As a new interior design companies you will make mistakes, but it is important to learn from them. Every interior design London professional has had to start somewhere.